Why DriveSafe?

As parents, we were concerned about how many people around the world are killed in car accidents every year as a direct result of driving at excessive speeds. Also, as a group of crypto enthusiasts, we came up with the idea of offering drivers the opportunity to be rewarded by driving safely and responsibly through the use of blockchain and other state of the art technology.
Statistics show that there are around 1.35 million Road Traffic related fatalities each year.
The Drive Safe concept was born from the idea to use Blockchain technology to make the roads a safer place.
In addition to improving Road Safety, research shows that driving within the speed limit is also better for the environment as it: Reduces fuel consumption, reduces emissions of pollutants, particularly reducing NOx and particulate matter (PM) output from diesel vehicles, paving the way for and leaving the planet in a better state for the future generations.
The safety gains from slower driving are also evident and backed by extensive research (RAC and eee europa). Around 30% of all RTA fatalities are a result of speeding.
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