Domestic Users

Download and Install

For IOS devices, go to the App Store, then search for, download and install the DriveSafe App

For Android devices, go to Google Play Store, then search for, download and install the DriveSafe App.

Select Account Type

Select either Business or Domestic.

Create Account

After installing, you will be prompted to create an account (using your email address), use the credentials created here to sign in. Creating an account also enables personalisation features (such as Favourites, setting Home and Work locations).

After creating an account, the user will be able to use the App for free.

Create Wallet

After this, you will be given the option to create a wallet, creating a wallet will allow you to buy an NFT and start being rewarded when driving safely.

Purchase Car

After creating a wallet, you will be given the option to buy an NFT from the Marketplace. Buying an NFT will enable you to benefit from enhanced earning opportunities and an optimum realistic in-app experience.

No Wallet? No NFT? No problem!

DriveSafe will still be usable as a Navigation App without a wallet, however personalisation features and rewards will not be available.

Domestic User Features

The Domestic motorist part of the App will be a Navigation platform with a simple user interface, it will function very similarly to other established Market leading solutions, with the addition of web3 integration (Safe Driving Rewards and NFT integration).

As well as having a state of the Art Navigation platform, Domestic Users will also be able to:

  • Interact with other DriveSafe community drivers.

  • See other drivers (nearby) on the map.

  • Update each other on hazards, traffic and other conditions.

  • Exchange live updates with other users.

  • Benefit further down the line from being able to pay for road services direct from their wallet (parking, road tolls etc).

  • State of the art AI integration for powered voice recognition, personalised routes. predictive routing, image recognition, real time parking availability, a multi-purpose assistant for all your needs.

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