DriveSafe App

The DriveSafe App is primarily a Satellite Navigation App, this will be the main focus, since there is already a proven use case and demand for this type of Mobile App. Also, since most people will only really use their phone in their car by loading their SatNav at the start of a journey, we decided to use this as the basis of our Design.
Within the DriveSafe navigation App, there will be: An integrated wallet, Marketplace, An NFT inventory page (MyNFTs) and Dashboard/overview.
Whilst we recognize that many people just want to use a good SatNav (which is what DriveSafe will be), there will be inbuilt incentives which will be designed to bring users into the DriveSafe ecosystem.
Incentive 1 - Create an account: The 1st incentive will be at the point of install, where a user will be prompted to create a login. The incentives to drive adoption at this stage are: Unlock Personalisation (including favourites).
Incentive 2 - Create a wallet: The 2nd incentive will be at the point of install, where a user will be prompted to configure the in-App wallet. The incentives to drive adoption at this stage are that owning a wallet enables the user to purchase an NFT.
Incentive 3 - Buy an NFT: Once the wallet is set up, the user can opt to buy an NFT in the Marketplace and benefit from enhanced reward accumulation opportunities and in-app experience.
Without a wallet or NFT, users will still be able to use the App, just like any other SatNav, however, they will be prompted once every 10 days, asking if they want to set up their wallet or purchase an NFT.
In addition to this, without a wallet or NFT, the user will receive a journey summary at the end of each trip showing the rewards they would have acquired if they owned an NFT.
App UI
The DriveSafe App will function as a standalone free to download App, which will contain all the same features as the most popular Navigation Apps already on the market.
Using the dashboard, users will be able to view data such as distance driven “safely”, rewards received and much more.
The navigation function works simply, when you enter your destination, it shows distance to destination, routes, traffic warnings, estimated arrival time and estimated earnings/rewards if the traffic rules are followed.
A favourites function (available after creating a login) allows the user to save frequently driven routes, they will also be able to save common places such as home, school, work, gym etc. Speed limit detection will be built into the app and a warning tone will be sounded when the speed limit is breached. If the driver persists on breaking the speed limit, then the reward function is paused in the App.