Tokens & Economy

There are 2 tokens in the DriveSafe economy $DriveS and $FUELS.
$DriveS is the main governance token and is the backbone of the economy, supporting a variety of in-App features such as renting, buying or selling NFTs.
$FUELS (Car FUEL) is the main utility token which will be used in-App (fuel and vehicle maintenance).
Drivers can enter tournaments paying an entry fee in $DriveS.
Drivers can enter competition modes, where each player is required to submit an equal amount of $DriveS into a prize pot, with the winner taking a prize and 1X is burned.
Drivers can evolve and increase the value of their NFT by improving it's appearance and attributes, they can then re-sell their NFT at a profit on the DriveSafe Marketplace.
$DriveS can be used to stake and earn NFTs via our staking platform. In the future, the amount of $DriveS required to stake will be pegged against stable coin values, making staking more affordable and accessible to everyone.
Businesses can pay (using $DriveS) to promote their brands on pop-up billboards, so that when a driver goes past their business, a pop-up will appear in the App.
Tax System
The following taxes will be charged against Marketplace transactions.
Selling Fee: 5%
Renting Fee: 6%
Minting Fee: 5%
DriveSafe Burning Mechanisms
  1. 1.
    Car minting
  2. 2.
    Upgrades & Skins
  3. 3.
    In-App purchases
  4. 4.
    Level ups
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