Executive Summary

DriveSafe is the world’s first Web3 Navigation App where drivers are rewarded by driving safely and obeying traffic laws. By observing the speed limits whilst carrying out routine journeys’ and by evolving their NFT assets, motorists are able to accumulate rewards via our web3 ecosystem.
Businesses can switch away from outdated and dedicated hardware tracking solutions and use DriveSafe instead to track their drivers. Service offerings will be available for the following types of businesses:
  • Public Road Transport.
  • Motor Insurance Services.
  • Commercial to Private Drivers (Food Delivery, Courier Services, Taxi etc).
  • Courier Businesses.
  • Freight/HGV companies.
The App will have 2 interfaces, one which is for domestic motorists and another for business users.
The Domestic motorist part of the App will be a Navigation platform with a simple user interface, it will function very similarly to other established Market leading solutions, with the addition of web3 integration (Driving Safe Rewards and NFT integration).
The Business user part of the App will be more comprehensive and will depend on the type of business select at time of setup (see business types we will support above).
Last modified 11mo ago